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Mulberry Leaf & Calendula (no scent)

This soap is so gentle it is suitable for children, teens and adults with dry, oily and problem skin, fragrance free, palm oil free, vegan and as with all our products no animal testing.

Certified organic ingredients.

Mulberry leaf has been used in chinese beauty products for over 3000 years, it gently cleanses the skin while naturally diminishing inflammation, inhibits bacteria, promotes facial blood circulation, balances oil secretion and fades melanin. Calendula is also anti - infammatory, moisturising, very gentle and soothing.  Also available with calming palmarosa essential oil

Ingredients. Organic mulberry leaf, organic calendula oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil,organic shea butter, organic coconut oil, organic cocoa butter, castor oil, ( option with palmarosa essential oil) no artificial anything,  vegan and cruelty free. Average size 125g Safety tested and Compliant

100% Biodegradable packaging

Mulberry Leaf & Calendula Soap


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